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May 1-Saturday-10-4pm * Pan de Sal Variety and Ensaimada Business**P930-Crusty Pan de Sal / Soft Pan de Sal / Classic Ensaimada / Chewy Ensaimada / Ube Ensaimada/Bonus Special Pan de Sal Recipe
May 1 Saturday-1-5pm**Cupcake Baking & Decorating for Kids-P1,200Learn to mix cupcake batter. Different Flavors: Chocolate / Strawberry / Vanilla. Make2 kinds of Frosting anc create several versions.Perfect for your parties at home as gifts to your loved ones.A Fun Class!
May 3 Monday- 10-4pm**Brownie/Muffin / Cookie Business I-P1,199 Fill up those cookie jars and slice up some old time favorite treats. Chocolate chip cookies / Oatmeal Scotchies / Blondies / Chocolate Banana Muffins / Chunky Chocolate Chip Brownie/ Peanut Butter Cookeis
May 3 Monday-1-5pm**KIDS Can Do it too -ENTERTAINING** P850 You will learn table setting, Candy & Chocolate Centerpiece / Edible Giveaway ideas / Yummy Spaghetti / Dogs on Sticks / Appetizer / Fruit Punch

May 4 Tuesday 10-4pm**Brownie/Muffin / Cookie Business II-P 1,199 Chocobutter Scotch Cereal Bars / Chocolate Almond Biscotti / Carrot Banana Muffins / Cookie Pops / Black Forest Brownie Squares / Carrot Muffins
May 4 Tuesday 1-5pm-**KIDS-Muffins Oh My Muffins-P850- Chocolate Chip Muffins /Choco Banana Muffins / Lemon Poppy Muffins / Heavenly Chocolate Muffins / Coconut Muffins

May 5-6 Wednesday to Thursday10-4pm **All Brownies Business**P1,750
Fudgy Brownies / Fudgy Peanut Butter Bars / Chocolate Macaroon Bars / Frosted Brownies / Chocolate Cinnamon Nut Bars / White Chip Brownies / German Chocolate Brownies / Double Espresso Brownies / Banana Bars / Chocolate Oatmeal Bars / Cocoa Brownies / RockyRoad Squares
May 5- Wednesday-1-4pm ** Kid's Brownies & Cookies-P950- Gingerbread Cookies / Chocolate Chip Cookies / Peanut Butter Balls / Rocky Road Brownies / Turtle Brownies / Fudgy Brownies
May 6- Thursday-1-4pm ** Little Pies for Little Chefs -P950- Apple Crumble Pie / Choco Banana Pie / Caramel Chocolate / Peaches & Cream / Marshmallow Oreo Pie
May 7- Friday -10-4pm**Cinnamon Breads Business**P1,100 -Cinnamon Rolls / Soft Pretzels / Cinnamon Twists / Cinnamon Buns / Cinnamon Babka
May 7- Friday-1-5pm **KID's Basic Cake Decorating-P999 Make Mom & Dad Proud by making your own BIRTHDAY CAKE.Be able to whip up you favorite cake flavor and frosting. Decorating Techniques. Learn to pipe basic borders to make it more elegant. Color Mixing.
May 8- Saturday-10-4pm **Basic Fondant Cake**P1,500-Learn how to make butter cake / Syrup to flavor your cake / Basic Fondant Making / Create an elegant Fondant Cake with Borders and Flowers.
May 8 Saturday- 1-5pm** Kids All Time Favorite Mini Cakes- P1150-Moist Chocolate Cake / Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese / Caramel Cake / Decorating Techniques / Packaging
May 10- Monday-10-4pm **Mangoes are around Business! P1150 Mango Peach Pie / Mango Cream Cake / Mango Bars / Mango Cheesecake /Healthy Mango Smoothie / Mango Crepes.
May 10-Monday-1-5pm ** KID's Chocolate Works **P999-Yes it is their favorite, let them play with it! They too should know how to make those candies, cutouts, garnishes, truffles. Be able to create your own design and color your chocolates!Packaging
May 11-Tuesday- 10-4pm ** Apples are around Business!**P1350-Apples are widely available and there's so much of them. Make luscious old time favorite treats like Apple Pie, Apple Turnover, Apple Galette / Caramel Apples / Apple Pie A La Mode-Bonus Recipe: Apple Chips
May 11-Tuesday- 1-5pm **Cream PUFF Business** P 1750- HWhere it originated! Basic Pate a Choux Recipe/ Custard Filling / Flavored Fillings / Glazes / Storage / Packaging
May 12- Wednesday-10-4pm** Bananas are around Business**P1100- Yes it has been there always, what do you do with it. It has several Health Benefits. Banana Chips / Banana Muffin / Choco Banana Cupcake / Carrot Banana Bread /Banana Cake Bonus Recipe: Dipped Bananas
May 12- Wednesday-1-5pm** Breads 101** P1100- Learn the fundamentals in making these breads / Equipments Needed / Basic Costing / .Cinnamon Bread / Pan de Sal / Burger Bun / Hotdog Bun / Spanish Bread
May 13-Thursday- 10-4pm ** Coffee in Baking Business**P1500- Learn where coffee originated / Varieties of coffee /Pastries that are coffee-inspired, learn to make them: Mocha Cake,Espresso Brownies / Tiramusu / Coffee Syrup / Coffee Mocktail
May 13-Thursday- 1-5pm ** Fondant Cupcakes Business ** P1,100-Create Novelty Cupcakes covered with elegant Fondant / Learn techniques and ideas in decorating . Making Theme Cupcakes . Perfect for business and give-aways.
May 14-Friday -10-4pm ** Cream PUFF Business** P 1750- HWhere it originated! Basic Pate a Choux Recipe/ Custard Filling / Flavored Fillings / Glazes / Storage / Packaging
May 15-Saturday-10-4pm-** Couture Cupcake Business** P1400-Open your own cupcake salon or store. Create your signature flavors to draw customers. Packaging / Storage / Delivery Ideas / Frostings
May 15-Saturday-1-4pm**Doughnut Day**P1100 -Doughnut Dough Fundamentals / Ring /Jelly-filled /Basic

Glaze /Oreo Cream / Lemon Cheesecake Doughnuts
Baking & Pastry Arts Career Discovery
(18 years old and above)
5 Days-May 17-21,Monday-Friday
10-4pm, Reserve Now!

Learn the fundamentals of baking and the techniques used in creating basic preparations such as cookie doughs, pie doughs, sponge cakes, breads, flatbreads,

and chocolate desserts. Be able to

  • Create a variety of baked goods

  • Explore the ingredients, equipment, techniques, terminology, and recipes of baking and pastry arts

  • Chef demonstrations and techniques

  • Career Opportunites for Baking & Pastry Arts

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one-on one fondant tutorial


1:00PM - 5:00 PM * Please come earlier than the indicated schedule for early registration. We encourage you to kindly bring your take home box and hair net, however these are also available in the school. Bringing of kids during the sessions ( unless enrolled for BPA KID's Workshops) is strictly not allowed. April 1 Tasty Tarts for Teens P1650 Chef's Full Cooking for kids P1500 April 2 Gingerbread Making for Kids P1650 New World of Empanada P1750 April 5 Spiderweb, Nest, Heart P1650 Cupcakes class for Kids Artisan Breads, Dips & Soups P1750 April 6 Cake Pops for Teens P1650 Ultimate Fudge Cake Workshop P2,500 April 7 Spiderweb, Nest, Heart P1650 Cupcakes class for Kids Galantina,Filled Buns & Smoothies P1950 April 8 Cooking for Teens P1650 Pizza Parlor P1950 April 9 1 DOZEN CUPCAKE P1500 April 12-15 KIDS BAKING BOOTCAMP -get your kids busy and productive this summer, our future chefs and entrepreneurs! 4 days P6900 April 12 Spiderweb, Nest, Heart P1650 Cupcakes class for Kids April 13 Cake Pops for Teens P1650 April 14 Spiderweb, Nest, Heart P1650 Cupcakes class for Kids April 15 Tasty Tarts for Teens P1650 April 22 Cooking for Teens P1650 April 22-23 2 Days Basic Cake Decorating P4500 (Basic Cake and Basic Fondant,Gumpaste Artistry) April 26-29 BAKERY ENTREPRENEURSHIP BATCH 11 ***4 DAY PROGRAM W/ OVER 20PLUS RECIPES MAG-ARAL,MAG NEGOSYO ! P6000 April 27 Cake Pops for Teens P1650 April 28 Easy Entertaining for Kids P1500 April 29 Cooking for Teens P1650 April 30 NEW! 4 Cookies+4 Bars+4Brownies P1500

Pan De Sal & Ensaymada Sept. 2010

Pan De Sal & Ensaymada Sept. 2010