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Bakeshop and Patisserie Course
·         Choose from 2 schedules:    6 Saturdays     or       Every Tuesdays & Fridays 
Time:  11:00-3:00 P.M.
Lecture on how to start up a bakery and a pastry shop.
. Day 1Cookie Technology :Crinkles/Chocolate chip Cookies/Coconut Macaroons/Shortbread/Butter Cokies/Crinkles
Day 2 Brownie and Pie Technology: Fudge Brownie/Beehive /Pineapple Crostata/Apple Pop Tarts/Egg pie/ Butterscotch Cream Pie
Day3 Cake Technology : Caramel Cake/Moist Chocolate Cake/Carrot Cake/Banana Cake/ Red Velvet Cake
Day4 Bread Technology : Pan de Sal/ Hamburger Bun/Hotdog Bun/ Pullman Loaf/Ensaymada    
Day 5   Laminated Doughs & Individual Pastries
Day 6   French Entremets “Cakes” & Aerated Desserts including Basic Ice Cream

Course fee: P30,000.00 per head for 28 bestseller bakeshop and patisserie recipes
Minimum of 5 students

We customize 1-on-1 baking tutorials:

Filipino Artisan Bakery by the Baking Clinic 2015

 ( 7 days advance) 
Time Schedule for all classes : 12:00-4:00 PM unless specified

Visit our office :
#72 Corner Scout Reyes and Mother Ignacia, 
Bgy. Paligsahan, Q.C., Philippines

or Pay thru Philippine National Bank .
(Account No. 366 919 3000-10,Account Name: Karmina Capule)
Kindly call 546-30-88 regarding your deposit.Thank you.

Please scroll down for our JUNE 2015 Classes

"Practice something and master it".
for your Styro Needs

 September 2015 CLASS SCHEDULE 

All Series Classes and 1 Day Classes includes apron, recipe handouts and certificate of attendance.

Kindly bring the following: Hair Net,side towel, Pen ,carry-out containers,and your reservation receipt:)

Time Schedule for all classs: 12:00-4:00 P.M.

For Customized baking classes,kindly email at

Sulit -All-in 1 Baking Classes-

(minimum 3 students per class)

Kapihan " Ang Makabagong Filipino Bakery -

-3 Days P8800/estudyante

-Pineapple-Calamansi Torte/Ube- Nata Taisan/ Green Forest Cake/Fours Seasons Gateau Sans RivalMango Milk Loaf/Hopia Moderne/Baker's Cake/Totoro Monay/Trip to Roll/Pinoy Power Bar/Napoleon ng Kapihan/Kanin Bread/Variations ng Espesyal na Inumin
Sulit -All-in 1 Baking Classes-

(minimum 2 students per class)

 Bakery Product Development Class- 

2 Days -Oct 16-17( Fri-Sat)

Pan De Sal,  Ensaymada, Spanish Bread, Pullman Loaf, Egg Pie, Brownie Top, Cookie Jam, Crinkles, Chocolate Cake, New Brazo De Mercedes-Aug.26-27-P7500-2 days

ONE DAY Baking Classes

SIGN-UP and Guarantee your reservation-CALL 546-30-88
Chiffon Cake Class- Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry and Marble Cake, Butter Icing P1999-Oct  2 Friday

Filled Pan De Sal Class I - Egg Pan De Sal, Crack Pan De Sal, Malunggay Pan De Sal, Ham and Pesto Pan De Sal, Embotido Special , Cheese Pan De Sal, Shawarma Filled, Chocolate -Cream Filled, Asado, Cream Cheese-Cinnamon Pan De Sal P4399-  Oct 14 Wed

Commercial Breads- Sweet Dough, Dinner Roll, Hamburger Roll, Bismarc/Long John, Clover Roll, Monay, Bread Twist, Heart Bun, Toast Box P2299- Oct  22 Thurs

Brownie Class I-Fudge Brownies,Rocky Road, Turtle Brownies P1299 -Oct 23 Friday

Basic Cake Making Class I- Chiffon Cake on Character Mould- Lego Ninjago, Elsa of Frozen, Big Hero, Fin Thinn, Naruto, Minecraft and Barbie P6500 -Oct 29 Thurs

Bazaar Food Finds- Vessel Inspired- Pesto in Bottle, Beef and Spinach in Coconut, Anchovies "Tuyo" adn ATchara Bottle, Vegetable Ceviche, "Everything in a bottle" Dressing P1999- Oct 15 Thurs

Italian Workshop- 2 Pizza Crusts, Real Italian Pizza Sauce , Couture Pizza, Four Cheese Pinoy Pizza, Vegetable Bar, Meat Bar, Seafood Pizza, Complimentary Pasta Meal P1799-Oct 16 Friday

Cookie Class I- Chocolate Chip Cookies, Raisin Oatmeal Cookies, Black and White Cookies, Jam Cookies, Mallows Cookies, Lolly Cookies P2199-Oct  28 Wed

Cupcake Class I-Vanilla Cupcake, Very Strawberry Cupcake, Lemon Cupcake, Blueberry Cupcake, Chocolate Cupcake, Mocha Cupcake, Cinnmaon Raisin Cupcake, Green Tea Cupcake P2699- Oct 3 Sat

Basic Fondant Cake and Icing- Vanilla Cake, Chocolate Cake, Carrot Cake, Fondnat Icing, Gumpaste, Round and Square Cake Casting, Filling cakes and Assembly,Basic Piping P3799-Sept 30  -Oct 24 Sat

Loaf- Meat Terrines- Chorizo and Chicken, Shrimp and Ground Pork, Beef and Cheese, Hainanese Meet, Vegetable and Meat Surprise, Vanilla-Ube-Pandan Grain Loaf P2299- 
Oct 7 Wed

Satellite Cakes Class- Very Capuccino, Raspberry Green Tea, Apricot Chocolate, Ube Pandan, Black Forest, Triple Chocolate Mousse P2199 -Oct 1 Thurs

New Verson Cakes - White Forest Cake, Ube Revel Cake, Chocolate Chip Gingerbread, Red Velvet Whoopie Pie, Congo Bar, Chocoalte Coconut Macaroon P1795--Oct 14 Wed

Japanese Pastries- Japanese Cheese Cake, Green Tea Mousse Cake, Chocolate Zen Cake, Sushi Cake, Mochiko Cream , Tokyo Snow Ball, Taiyaki Manju P2780-Oct 24-T Sat

3D Cupcakes- Vanilla Chiffon, Marble Chiffon, Buttercream, Monogram, Character,Logo Style,Cupcake Message P2599 - Oct 22-Thurs

Homemade Sorbetes Ice Cream Class - No machine to start an ice cream business?-Chocolate, Beer Butter Pecan, Bubble Gum, Red Velvet Cream Cheese, Peanut Toffee, Pistachio P2620 - Oct 28-Wed

Cupcake Class II- Vanilla, Chocolate Salted Caramel, Butter Pecan, Pandan Peach, Butterscotch, Ube Cheese P3299- Oct 24 Sat

Frozen Brazo De Mercedes Celebration-Classic Brazo, Red Velvet, Mochaccino,Coconut Blast, White Forest, Cherry, Green Tea and Strawberry P1599- Oct 16 Fri

15 - Wednesday

Dimsum Desserts- Empress Bun, Oreo Crumble Snow Ball, Blueberry Cream Cheese Dimsum, Mango Cream Crunch Dimsum, Chino Roll, White Kung Fu P2680-
Oct 15 Thurs

Dimsum Dessert Class II- Inipit Sushi Innovation, Lola's Sushi Plate, Coffee-Cinnmaon, Carrot Pecan, Very Chocolate P2500-Oct 17Sat 


(Kindly scroll down for one-on-one tutorial list)

Saturday Classes

New~-Buttercream Flower Class – Flower Assortments, Assembly on Vanilla cake,Tinting,Storage-P2900- Aug. 1  /Sept 5/Oct 10

·         Try this class~-3D Cupcakes – Aug 1 – Chiffon cakes: vanilla,marble/Buttercream: Monogram,Character,Logo,Cupcake Message – P2599- Aug. 1 / Sep 12/Oct 3

·         Art Skill~-Basic Filigree Piping – Mediums for Filagree figures,piping techniqies, application on sample cakes(not included in demo) – P2800- Aug. 8 / Sept 19/Oct 10

·        SulitClass~CupcakeClass1
-Vanilla,Very Stawberry,Lemon,Blueberry,Chocolate,Mocha,Cinnamon Raisin,Green tea flavors-P2699-Aug. 8 / Sept 26/Oct 17

·         All TIME Faveorite~-  Marshmallow Cakes- Smores Cake, Devil’s Food Cake,Red Velvet Cake,Trendy Whoopie Pie-Bonus Recipe: Traditional Marshmallow Making- P2850-

Aug. 8 OR  -àWednesday JULY 29 / Sept 5/Oct 24
·         Décor Your Own Cake~- Basic Cake Decorating:-Kinldy Bring your own Round,Star ,Basketweave and Rose Piping tips and 4 piping bags,4 copplers(optional),extra side towel on this class- Choose your own  Cake Flavor ( Vanilla,Ube, Strawberry,Marble) Swiss Buttercream,Glaze Coating,Border- P1999-Aug. 15 / Sep 12/Oct 31
·         Must-attend~-Pastry Shop SCRAP Management  (kitchen production)- An All new innovation class. Increase your profit and lower food cost –P2800-Aug. 15 / Sep 19/ Oct 3

·         Fancy Baking~- Tea Party Treats and Pastries (2 Saturdays): Learn about Cream Tea Pastries and Treats,Elevensies Tea Pastries and Treats,Afternoon Tea Pastries and Treats,Lower Tea Pastries and Treats,Royal Tea Pastries and Treats,Celebration Tea Pastries and Treats, High Tea Pastries  and Treats– P2500/day-Aug. 29 and Sept.5 (Course Fee:P5000) / Sept 19 and Oct 3/ Oct 14 and 31

·         Art Skill~- Cake Message Piping- Font styles,Piping techniques,Mediums for Message Piping,Templates-P2800-Aug.29 / Sept 26/Oct 10

·         Healthy Baking~-Gluten-Free Cakes and Pastries-Lean Chocolate Cake,Zen Chiffon Pie, In Season Fruit Tart,Light Bavarios,Boston Cream Pie, Pastel-P2250- Aug. 29 / Sept 5/Oct 17

·         Filipino-inspired~Pancakes, Waffles and Flying Saucers –Tweaked Bibingka, Pinoy Waffle, Manang’s Hot Cakes, Filipino Flying Saucer,Cassava Cake Innovation -P1999-Aug.15 / Sept 12/
Oct 24

·         Décor your own cake~Basic Fondant Cake and Icing- Kinldy Bring your own Round,Star ,Basketweave and Rose Piping tips and 4 piping bags,4 copplers(optional) extra side towel on this class-Vanilla Cake, Chocolate Cake,Carrot Cake, Fondant Icing,Gumpaste,Round and Square Cake Casting,Filling cakes and assembly-Basic Piping-P3799- Aug.22 / Sept 19/Oct 31

·         Sulit ,Budget-Baking and Must-attend~ Ovenless Baking- Experience the many possibilities of making a business even without an oven.Yes you can sell cakes and pastries without an oven. Learn to make an ovenless bread, cake and wedding cake,pastry ,pies,cupcakes and cookies plus bars.- P4500- Aug. 22 / Sept 26/Oct 3
·         Home Cooking-Baker’s Cooking Class-~Café Sauces and Soups- Ever wondered how your favorite bistro or cafes is able to serve your favorite soups and treats in 15 minutes? Learn and practice making it. –Sauces:Red,Brown,White,Verde,Thin,Thick,Vegetarian,production,techniques and storage,presentation and shelf-life.-P3500-Aug.22 / Sept 5/ Oct 10

Friday Classes
·         Must-attend~-Pastry Shop SCRAP Management  (kitchen production)- An All new innovation class. Increase your profit and lower food cost –P2800-Aug. 7 / Sept 4/Oct 2
·         Japanese Baking~Cakes in Japan-Castella Cake, Omelette Cake, Cream Mochi Cake,Green Tea Birthday cake,Japanese Cheesecake- Bonus:  Chicken, Broccoli Corn Cream Bread- P2800-
Aug. 7 OR -à TUESDAY-JULY 28 / Sept 11/Oct 9
·         Home Cooking-Baker’s Cooking Class- Salad Dressings and Glazes- Ever wondered how your favorite bistro or cafes is able to serve your favorite soups and treats in 15 minutes? Learn and practice making it. – Versatile dressings and Glazes for salads,vegies , meats ,fish and seafood ,even  rice and pasta.-P3500-Aug. 14 / Sept 18/Oct 16

·         Hearty baking~Griddle and Fried Doughs- Doughs of America, France,Poland,China, Middle East and Philippines.-P4500-Aug. 14 OR -à Tuesday-AUG.4 / Sept 25/Oct  23

·      Healthy Baking~-Gluten-Free Cakes and Pastries
-kinldy see page 1 for details-P2250- Aug. 21 / Sept 4/Oct 30

·         Classic Favorite~ NEW HOPIA INNOVATIONS- Dough Bases- Assortment of Western-European and Asian Inspired Hopia-Bonus—our version of  Hopia Supreme-P3799-Aug.21 / Sept 11
Oct 30

·         Classic Favorite~ New Pasalubong Nuts and Brittles- Croquant, Pinoy Montelimar, learn3 Brittle Innovations, Gourmet Dragees- P2800-Aug 21 / Sept 18/ Oct 2

·         Sulit ,Budget-Baking and Must-attend~ Ovenless Baking- - P4500- Aug. 28- / Sept 25     /Oct   9    kinldy see details on Saturday Class list

·         Classic Favorite~ New Pasalubong Cakes and Pastries—Butterscotch Bars, Food for the gods,Banana Cake, Lemon Bars, Caramel Nut Bars,Empanaditas, Yema Cake- P2500-Aug.28 / Sept  4/Oct 16

·         Classic Favorite~ Pies and Tarts Class- Banana-Toffe Pie, Fruit Cream Tart, Banana-Langka Galette,Peanut Butter Smore Tart, Supreme Pie- P2500-Aug-28 / Sept 11/Oct 23

·         Classic Favorite~ New Kakanin Innovation- Tweaking our very own Filipino kakanin favorites . Learn the versatility and recreation of Cassava Cake, Puto, Puto Bungbong,Bibingka, Suman and Kutchinta-P2800-Aug.28 OR -à Tuesday-AUG.4 / Sept 18/Oct 30

Thursday Classes
·         Frozen Baking~Ice Cream Cakes-Cake Bases.Cookies ‘N Cream, Neopolitan, Our version of Gelato Cake, Ice Cream Cake Stick, Scrap Techniques,Bases Innovation. P3500-Aug.6 / sept 3/Oct 1

·         Home Cooking-Baker’s Cooking Class-~Café Sauces and Soups- P3500-Aug.22 / Sept 10/ OCt  8  kinldy see details on Saturday Class list

·         Filipino-inspired~Pancakes, Waffles and Flying Saucers –-P1999-Aug.20 / Sept 17/ Oct 15- kinldy see details on Saturday Class list

·         Bread Skills~ Breads of Asia- The Stages of Asian breads- 5 kinds- Roll ,Long John, Batard Type, Flat type,Swirled and shaped character . Filling and Toppings.-P2800-Aug.20 or JULY 28- TUESDAY / Sept 24/Oct 22
Wednesday Classes
·         Classic Favorite~ New Pasalubong Cakes and Pastries—P2500-Aug.28 / Sept 2/ Oct 7-kindly see Friday Class list
·         Sulit ,Budget-Baking and Must-attend~ Ovenless Baking- P4500- Aug. 22 / Sept 9/Oct 14-kinldy see Saturday Class List
·         Classic Favorite~ NEW HOPIA INNOVATIONS- Dough Bases- -P3799-Aug.21 / Sept 16/Oct 16-kinldy see Friday Class List
·         Classic Favorite~ New Pasalubong Nuts and Brittles- -- P2800-Aug 12 / Sept 30/Oct 7 - kindly see Friday Class List
·         Classic Favorite~ Pies and Tarts Class- - P2500-Aug-19/ Sept 2/Oct 14 - kindly see Friday class list

·         French Baking~Cakes in France- -11:00 A.M.-4:00 P.M.- Try our innovation of Opera Cake, Gateau Saint Honore, Croquembouche, Napoleon and Tart Tatin, Pithivier – P6500-
Aug. 19 OR   -àTUESDAY AUG. 11 / Sept  9/ Oct 21

·         Frozen Baking~Ice Cream Cakes- P3500-Aug.26 / Sept 16/ Oct 28-kindly see Thursday Class List
·         Home Cooking-Baker’s Cooking Class- Salad Dressings and Glazes- P3500
-Aug. 26 or-à TUESDAY AUG.11 /Sept 23/ Oct 7                     

One-on-one TUTORIAL Product List
Book 7 Days Advance
EMAIL : Call BPA Academy 546-30-88

Commercial  Bakery Products:
Cheese Roll     Loaf Bread   Clover Leaf    Pan De Coco   Dinner Roll   Kababyan    Banana Cake and Cupcake 
Everlasting Cookies    Hopia Baboy  Hopiang Monggo  Diced Hopia     Doughnut   Cinnmaon Roll
Cinnmaon Loaf    Butter Cake   Jell Roll   Brazo De Mercedes   Orange Chiffon Cake   Assorted Pan De Sal
Burger Bun   Hotdog Bun   Monay   Pan De Coco   Spanish Bread    Chocolate Cake     Carrot Cake    Chiffon Cae
Ensaimada Classic  Cheese Bread  Cheese Roll  Ube Bread  Cheese Swirl Bread   Egg pie 

All Time  Favorites:
Coconut Macaroons   Leche Flan  Red Velvet Crinkles   Pinoy Caramel Cake ( Yema)      Salted  Caramel Cake
PUFF FAMIILY (Sweet and Savory)   Bread Pudding  Raisin Swirl   Special Cinnamon Roll     Cheese Swirl   Mamon   Ensaymada Espesyal    Bread Rolls ( Sweet and Savory)   Almomd Filnger Crisp    Raisin Crisp   Florentine   Almond Cookies   Lemon Squares   Cream Puff   Butterscoth Bars    Brownies Family   Food for the gods   Melba Toast   Snickerdoodle   Creme Brulee   Strawberry Shortcake    Moist Chocolate Cake   Black Velvet Cake  Vienese  Torte   Walnut Peach Torte  Chocolate Nut Torte  Mango Tower Cake    New Sans Rival Family   Mango Cranberry Bread    Cranberry White Chocolate Bread   Italian Bread ( Cheese & Olive)    Taro "Gabe" Bun   Pound Cake   Blueberry- Creamcheese Bun   Black Sesame Bun    Early Gray Tea Bun    Chocolate Hazelnut Roll    Coffee-Chocolate Bun  
Chocolate Bun   Breadsticks and Grissini Family   White Chocolate Chip    Brownie   Biscotti     Corned Beef and Egg Bun    Italian Pizza   Buchi    Siopao  Cuapao   Carrot Cake  
New York     Tiramisu  Strawberry   Dulce   Blueberry  Cherry     Mango   Oreo 
Pecan Pie   Turtle Pie  Calamansi Meringe Pie   Butterscotch Pie  Apple Pie   Tuna   Chicken  
Chocolate Mint   Chocolate Walnut    Cheese Pie   Banana Caramel    Pineapple Crostata  
Kakanin  and Filipinoi Favorites:
Pichi-pichi   Cheese Puto  Butter Puto   Polvoron  Macapuno Candy   Mango Empanaditas   Lengua De Gato  Bibingka   Tamales   Banana Chips  Moron   Puto Family   Buchi   Puto   Kutchinta    Maja Blanca  Cassava Cake   Tibok-Tibok   Inutak    Boat Tarts   Buco Pie  

Christmas Treats:
Fruit Cake   Fruit Muffin   Revel Bars   Buche de Noel   Prune Cake  Florentines    Pandoro  Pannetone

Basic Cake Decorating: Drop Flowers, Ribbon Rose, Shell, Rosette,Shell

Flower and Cake Assembly:  lilies, violets,dafodills, Classic Rose, Basket weave method

Gumpaste and Fondant- Carnation, Calla Lily, Daisis, Mums

Advanced Gumpaste  Flowers- assorted flowers, leaves, sprays bouquets

Healthy and lite:   Meusli   5- Grain Bread   Croissant ( Classic, Chocolate)    Danish Pastry Family   

Frozen Treats: Ice Cream Family

one-on one fondant tutorial


1:00PM - 5:00 PM * Please come earlier than the indicated schedule for early registration. We encourage you to kindly bring your take home box and hair net, however these are also available in the school. Bringing of kids during the sessions ( unless enrolled for BPA KID's Workshops) is strictly not allowed. April 1 Tasty Tarts for Teens P1650 Chef's Full Cooking for kids P1500 April 2 Gingerbread Making for Kids P1650 New World of Empanada P1750 April 5 Spiderweb, Nest, Heart P1650 Cupcakes class for Kids Artisan Breads, Dips & Soups P1750 April 6 Cake Pops for Teens P1650 Ultimate Fudge Cake Workshop P2,500 April 7 Spiderweb, Nest, Heart P1650 Cupcakes class for Kids Galantina,Filled Buns & Smoothies P1950 April 8 Cooking for Teens P1650 Pizza Parlor P1950 April 9 1 DOZEN CUPCAKE P1500 April 12-15 KIDS BAKING BOOTCAMP -get your kids busy and productive this summer, our future chefs and entrepreneurs! 4 days P6900 April 12 Spiderweb, Nest, Heart P1650 Cupcakes class for Kids April 13 Cake Pops for Teens P1650 April 14 Spiderweb, Nest, Heart P1650 Cupcakes class for Kids April 15 Tasty Tarts for Teens P1650 April 22 Cooking for Teens P1650 April 22-23 2 Days Basic Cake Decorating P4500 (Basic Cake and Basic Fondant,Gumpaste Artistry) April 26-29 BAKERY ENTREPRENEURSHIP BATCH 11 ***4 DAY PROGRAM W/ OVER 20PLUS RECIPES MAG-ARAL,MAG NEGOSYO ! P6000 April 27 Cake Pops for Teens P1650 April 28 Easy Entertaining for Kids P1500 April 29 Cooking for Teens P1650 April 30 NEW! 4 Cookies+4 Bars+4Brownies P1500

Pan De Sal & Ensaymada Sept. 2010

Pan De Sal & Ensaymada Sept. 2010